With Valorant elo boost, players can increase their rank quickly. However, this is not very ethical. Bans may occur from time to time.

Riot Games has made a name for itself recently with Valorant. The famous company has managed to attract more attention with its new FPS game.

Today, Valorant has become popular all over the world. Therefore, many people may wonder about the answers to some questions about Valorant.

One of these questions is what is Valorant elo boost? In general, Valorant players may want to know what the concept of elo boost is.

That’s why we will try to share some details about Valorant elo boost for you in our article.


Valorant Elo Boost Definition

Valorant Elo Boost is the process by which talented players move unskilled accounts to higher leagues for a fee in competitive games.

This process causes various problems in the league system of the game. However, since an economy-based ecosystem is formed, we can witness a boost in most competitive games.


How to Make Valorant Elo Boost?

We will tell you How to Make Valorant Elo Boost.  There are many ways in the Boost phase. We will briefly summarize them all. So that you don’t get confused and have information about all of them. How about we continue with the list if you wish?

Entering the game with the account that was traded: The account whose league is promoted using this way enters the matches with talented players. These players constantly win games, increasing the account’s ELO.

Most games prohibit entering games when there is a certain league difference in order to avoid this situation. However, people who will boost may have accounts in which they enter games in lower leagues.

Getting the information of the account that was processed: That account is given to a more professional player and the player enters the matches alone and carries the teams. In this way, as the competitive league rises every match, the player also increases his ELO.

Entering a DUO with a Player: With an account in similar leagues, matches are entered with the player being traded, and in this way, the ranking of the game with 2 accounts is recovered.


Valorant Elo Boost Ban Reason?

Actually no. Valorant elo boost will cause a ban in some cases. People who are found to have increased elo boost in Valorant may be penalized.

Because, according to the rules, account sharing is prohibited in the game. However, if you do everything at the ideal level, it is not possible to encounter problems.

In order to get elo boost in the game, someone else needs to log into your account. In this case, you are sharing an account.

When it is detected that you are sharing an account, your account is naturally banned. Of course, we do not recommend this.