What is Elo boost how is it done, how much does it earn? We answered the most frequently asked questions. The question of what is Elo boost is one of the most frequently asked questions by people who play league-based games such as Valorant. Elo boost, a phrase heard a lot from professional gamers, includes work that raises your ranked rank in Valorant.

If you do some research on the internet, you will come across many sites that provide Elo Boost service. When you come to the end of the article, you will have the answer to the question of What is Elo boost how is it done. At the same time, you will learn whether it is reliable and whether it makes money or not.


What is Elo Boost How is it done?

Elo boost is a grading process. It is done by a professional player placing any account higher. For example, have you noticed that in low-ranking games, your opponents play much better than you even though they are in the same ranking as you?

There are two reasons why your opponents who are in the same rank as you play much better than you in a ranked match. Maybe the player opened a second account. This is called a “smurf“.

Smurf accounts are usually created to continue playing after existing accounts have been banned. If your opponents are playing much better than you, it is because your opponent is a much older and more talented player than you.

Or the player gave it to someone else to upgrade their account. The reason why the player does this is because he wants to skip the league in a faster and easier way. The person to whom the account is given may be an acquaintance, or it may be a professional player providing elo boost service. This service is provided for a certain fee.

Players who purchase this service can sometimes feed high ranked rival players. The reason for this is that although he has just started the game, he has risen above the level he should have been.

In this case, the player tries to play with players much better than himself, not with his own level. For this reason, it can cause the opposing team to win the game.


Are Elo Boost Services Reliable?

Elo boost services are not reliable on every site. Why? Because you need to give your account password to someone else for the boot process. If it is not a reliable site, you can be scammed. Another risk is that even if the service provider raises your rank, your account can be banned if noticed.

Why? Because Riot Games is against such services. A player may be penalized if he has just started the game but suddenly plays very well and then does not act according to his level. So you have to be very careful with them.  You can safely buy boost service from our site.


Can You Make Money With Elo Boost?

Yes, many professional players who provide elo boost service can earn high incomes. The income you get will vary depending on how much you can rank the account up. If you think you are a professional gamer, you don’t have to worry about it anyway. You will receive many offers.



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