Fade, the new and first Turkish agent of VALORANT, which has been expected for weeks, was introduced at the event held last night. The game date has been announced. So, with what abilities does Fade come to the game?

Riot Games‘ popular FPS game VALORANT has officially introduced its Turkish agent after weeks of waiting. The new Turkish agent, whose voice we have heard for a long time, will meet with the actors on April 28 under the pseudonym Fade.

Fade, the Turkish agent of Riot Games, will offer players a powerful skill set. Fade, which will be the new favorite of many players, will be an alternative option to Sova, which is especially preferred for intelligence. But Fade will be in the game as a much more aggressive agent with her abilities than Sova.

haunt (E)

Equip a haunting spotter. Shoot to throw. After a certain amount of time, the Watcher descends to the ground. When the Watcher lands on the ground, it activates, revealing the enemies within sight and applying a trail of terror to all of them. Enemies can destroy the scout. Use it again to bring the scout down early.

Mihla (Q)

Put on a ball of pure fear. Shoot to throw. The ball descends to the ground after a certain time. When the ball hits the ground, it opens up, rooting nearby enemies in their place. Fixed enemies become deaf and begin to take decay damage. Use it again to get the ball down early.

Death (C)

A Ecel KUSAN. Shoot to send Death forward in a straight line. If Ecel locks onto any enemy or the trail left by the enemy in the cone-shaped field of view, catches up with and catches his target, it restricts the target’s view. Press and hold the fire button to propel Ecel in the direction his reticle is pointing.

Nightfall (X)

EQUIP the power of fear. Shoot to send a nightmare energy that can pass through walls. This energy not only creates a trail towards the opponent, but also deafens the opponent and applies decay.