Valorant New Map Pearl is the topic of the day. As you know, VALORANT received patch 5.0 on June 22 – 23. AND a lot of new content has been added to the game.


Map Changes

Let’s take a look at the map changes now. Added Valorant New Map Pearl to the game. This process was added to the game on Wednesday, June 22, with the 5.0 update.

The map, which will be played only as unranked for the first time, was added to the competitive game mode on July 12.

The Split map, which has been known since the game’s release, has been temporarily removed from unranked and competitive game modes with the new patch.

No specific date has been specified for the return of the map. The Split map is unranked and will be active in Spike Rush, custom games, and other game modes outside of competitive.

Valorant New Map Pearl and Custom Matchmaking

There will also be a Pearl map-specific matchmaking queue active. This matchmaking sequence was designed to allow players to practice before coming to competitive play.

The Pearl-exclusive matchmaking queue will remain in the game for two weeks, after which the Pearl map will kick in during ranked matchmaking.

Why Was Split Map Removed?

Riot Games worked with the Esports Team. Player polls were created. Then, interviews were held with professional organizations.

After all this, he announced that they decided to keep 7 maps in the pool and take Split out of the map pool for now. So with the arrival of the Valorant New Map Pearl, a map had to be removed as this number was exceeded.

• The official statement on this issue is as follows:

“We know some of you wish we had chosen another map, but we really have no particular grudge against Split.

We considered many different factors when making this decision. Factors such as players’ opinions, time since launch, past and upcoming updates, what the map brought in terms of strategic variability, and how Pearl adapted (some of these factors) were important.

When we entered all of these values ​​into the magic algorithm machine, we came across Split. However, we have no doubt that he will return in the future. Maybe even change it a little…”

Joe Lansford (Level Designer)


New Tier Ascendant

A new tier called Ascendant has also been added to Valorant. The Ascendant tier will be located between the Diamond and Immortal tiers.

Riot Games states that with the arrival of Ascendant, it aims to distribute the player density in the ranks more homogeneously.

With this;

    • Now the highest placement rank has been increased to Exaltation 1. (Formerly Diamond 1)
    • The 25% KP restriction in groups of five has now changed. (formerly Diamond 3).
    • Single/double/5 group restrictions changed (previously Diamond 3).
    • Diamond 3 and above players could only play as singles, duos and 5 players before. Now it has changed.
    • We’ve changed the name of the 8th stage reward in Sage’s agent contract as it matches the name of the new rank. Sage’s new title is “The Blind Eye“.