Valorant Definitive Pearl Attack Guide is ready. You will find out when you read the details. Thus, it is possible to play successfully without difficulty. If you’re ready, we’ll start.

Pearl Attack Guide in 2022

Pearl is tough right now. Why? Because there are new “noob” traps that cause difficulties for people when attacking the map. From here, in general, you’ll be hard pressed to claim space. Because the system is configured in favor of the attacking team.

If you are struggling at this stage, in this article we will tell you how to win the Pearl attack, how to use your utility on both sites, and what are the common pitfalls for players.


How to set default in Pearl

You have to be careful with the space-gaining approach as you fall into the default position on Pearl. Don’t be too aggressive here. Never try to rush it. You can only do this on maps like Ascent. Do not do it in the default location.

Because this is very risky. If you do, you may run the risk of rolling the back of one or two lurker picks afterward.


What are the Default positions in Pearl?

  • Default

Priority: Sphere Control | Power Utility

  • Medium Default 1

Priority: Early election | A Connection pressure and clearance check.

  • Medium Default 2

Priority: Early Election | B-Doors/Connection pressure and gap control.

  • B Default

Priority: Sphere Control | Point OP | B Main control


How to Do an Attack

Pearl is attacker sided. A makes this pretty clear. The attacker is Pearl. A makes this clear.  A is the hardest for attackers to claim of the two. But this is not a problem.

By contacting here you will want to deploy the utility and catch the waiting player off guard. It’s very common for a sentry or agent like a Viper to get an A by himself.

Even if they push dry. Because there is no “hard crossfire” like a full 180 degree exit from the sore spot. Neither does B.

Players in general don’t always like harsh crossfires. It’s hard to deal with in solo Q where people can’t flash at the right time for their team. This is actually normal behavior within PUGs.

Dugout is the only area attackers should fear. If the defender lands in the correct position, he can crossfire with the player stuck in the right corner.

But there is a danger. You should pay attention to him. Because the attacking team can make this player unnecessary by pushing Link in the middle. Also, you want to use cigarettes to hack this player.

The problem is; Viper and Brim, the most popular agents on the map, can’t afford to do that. Controllers will prefer to be more involved for post-site, which attackers must rely on.

It’s especially hard for Link to hold onto the attacking team. Take this into account. Reclaim this space first. The lanes where the Defender enters the field are good areas for attackers. Be careful.


How to execute onto Pearl A?

  • Smoke Connection and Flowers.
  • Flash the right side of main A.
  • Use the stun utility in Dugout to remove players from here.
  • Push in and claim space very fast.

Normal execution for the Pearl A site is a smoke for Link and a smoke for Flowers. You can achieve this with all controllers. If you’re playing Brim, you can also choose to drink Dugout. But this is not recommended. You’ll probably need second smoke for post-plant.


A Post-Plant How to Play?

The post is waiting at the factory. Corridors are a safety hazard. They will act from the defenders and consider the capture those who will control the connection.

You are the attacking team. You are your assistant to maintain the current situation. The controllers collect a smoke for Link at the mail factory.


How to Attack B?

Getting B as a team of 5 is very easy. Many teams win Pearl Attack with this method.

How to execute on B-site?

    • Take control of B major/long immediately.
    • Smoke Left Hall, Tower and Tunnel.
    • High flash the site.
    • Use CC utility on Screen B and Right Hall.
    • Clear and take control of Hall.
    • Outside the Left Hall Plant in the upper left corner of the site.


You wanted to start with the B master control. You can easily do this as long as the enemy team doesn’t have an OP. Start by just browsing Jiggle. Then use the utility to force them from angle. Once you’ve done that, quickly request B main.

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