Valorant 5.04 Patch is our topic. This is leaked news. We will write the details. But first, let’s give a brief overview of Valorant. You know Valorant is a 5v5 FPS multiplayer tactical first-person shooter video game developed and published by Riot Games.

It’s actually a game similar to Counter Strike. If you have played Counter Strike, you will not have much difficulty in Valorant. After this brief information, we can move on to the Valorant 5.04 Patch details.


What’s New in Valorant 5.04 Patch

With Valorant Patch 5.04, you can now choose a custom reticle color. At the same time, a new feature has been added. With this feature, the horizontal and vertical sight lines can be adjusted separately from each other. Another feature is to be able to copy the reticle settings of the player you are watching. It looks pretty fun.

The start of Valorant 5.04 Patch 5 Chapter 5 Part 2. The patch also includes a new battle pass, a ranked reset, a completely free event pass for the celebration of Champions 2022, and a limited edition skin set. You must have seen these in the promotional video.


Valorant New Game System Features

A lot of features came with Valorant 5.04 Patch. At the same time, quality of life improvements were introduced to Sights. Let’s share them with you right away;

    • You can select a custom reticle color.
    • Go to Settings >> Sight >> Primary, Melee / Sniper
    • Select the color dropdown menu >> Custom and enter the Hex code of the desired color.
    • Don’t forget. If the hex code is entered incorrectly, the reticle will revert to its default color.
    • Added feature to adjust horizontal and vertical reticle lines separately.
    • Go to Settings >> Sight >> Primary / Melee >> Inner-Outer Length setting.
    • If you disable the “chain” icon in the middle, the independent adjustment will be active.
    • The left bar sets the horizontal line and the right bar sets the vertical line.
    • You can copy the reticle settings of the tracked player.
    • While watching another player, you can import the reticle of the player you are watching by typing “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” and add it as a new reticle profile.
    • With the Valorant 5.04 Patch, the “Avoid Player” feature has been introduced to avoid encountering harmful players you meet in the game again in the next game.
    • Maximum number of reticle profiles increased from 10 to 15.


Valorant System Requirements

Our topic is Valorant 5.04 Patch, but we can give some information for new players.

For Lowest Graphics Settings;

    • Processor: Intel Core 2
    • Graphics Card: Intel HD 4000
    • Memory: 4GB Ram
    • Available Space: 8GB
    • Operating System: Windows


What’s New in Valorant Part 5, Part 2

In Episode 5, Part 2, players climb to new heights together. Get your share of the trophy with the new Battle Pass, limited edition Champions skin set, and the new Event Pass.


Watch Champions. Play Valorant. Get your share of this victory. Play and earn XP. Add a special player card, spray, weapon charm and more to your collection for free:

Champions 2022 Jett Difference Spray

    • “Actor” Title
    • 10 Radianite
    • Champions 2022 BEAUTIFUL! Player Card
    • “Potato” Title
    • 10 Radianite
    • Champions 2022 Cap Hat Charm


Play like a champion with equipment that changes as you score. If there is no score, there is no championship. Champions-themed Phantom appears in a different build every 5 points (up to 25). Butterfly knife has several features

Additionally, between August 23 and September 21, 50% of the net proceeds from the Champions 2022 Collection will be split between participating teams. This bundle, which also includes a player card, weapon charm, and spray, will be discontinued shortly and will no longer be available in the Rotation Shop or Night.Market.


We are excited for Champions. Myths and legends are the subject of Part 2 Battle Pass. So old stories to tell your grandchildren

The collection includes the Eternal Sheriff, the Facing Cypher player card, and the Magic Hummingbird weapon charm.

By purchasing the Part 2 Premium Battle Pass, you can get Obsidian and Eternal Vandal skins, Kehkehkeh spray, Fox Mask weapon charm, and much more.


You know Pearl like the back of your hand. But this is not enough. You can reach the level of greatness. Buddha is not enough. Enter the game and climb to the top. Target peak.