Valorant 5.01 Patch. You may have heard of the developments. We would like to share some notes on this subject for informational purposes. Moreover, it will be very good for friends who are unaware of the details. Lets start.

Agent Updates


Falso forms the core of Phoenix’s kit. We explored the tuning options. We saw this. When we strengthen the Falso ability, the whole kit is also strengthened.

So, to understand the impact of the changes, we wanted to evaluate Phoenix in an environment where Falso could better compete with other talents in the ecosystem.

We view Phoenix as an aggressive game-opening agent, so additional changes to his Idle and Wall of Fire abilities were meant to support Phoenix’s forward objectives when capturing territories or engaging in combat at the start of the round.

Spin (Q)

    • Maximum flash time increased: 1.1 sec. >>> 1.5 sec.
    • Blinding grenade crafting time decreased: 0.7 sec. >>> 0.5 sec.

Wall of Fire(C)

    • Phoenix will now equip his weapon sooner if he stops bending his wall.

Infrared (X)

    • Phoenix now respawns at the marked location with full health and the amount of armor used when casting the ability.


Another process of Valorant 5.01 Patch is about Yoru. We’ve noticed that Yoru players are having trouble setting up their master plan when using ults.

Hopefully these changes will fix some of the issue and continue to prevent playstyles that will both reward you for flashing during ultimate and prevent opponents from countering.

Interdimensional Transition (X)

    • Ultimate duration increased: 10 sec. >>> 12 sec.
    • Ability release time decreased: 1.2 sec. >>> 0.8 sec.


KAY/O hasn’t had many quality-of-life updates since our last changes, so we wanted to put an end to this and help you reach parts of the kit that weren’t accessible enough.

PART/Effective (C)

    • Field diameter decreased: 10 meters >>> 8 meters
    • Now deals damage whether or not it’s in line of sight.

CANCEL/Command (X)

    • After crashing, only comrades will now hear the full sound of KAY/O being lifted again.
    • Enemies will hear a short sound only when the lift starts again. This will spawn ultimate orbs or gameplay similar to tapping the Spike.

Gameplay Systems

  • New Secondary Account Detection Feature (North America)
  • The feature we’ve added to our secondary account detection systems allows new players (we mean all new accounts) to be matched with players of the appropriate skill level much faster than before.
  • We’re testing this change in North America first. Once we are sure that everything is working correctly, we will implement it all over the world.
  • The testing process started in the week of July 11, 2022.
  • Improved collision behavior when walking next to or behind another player.
  • This will greatly reduce the delay when walking close to each other with your comrades (running into an area or leaving the starting area will now be more comfortable!).



  • Twin Hunters in Spike Rush mode will now damage destructible walls.



  • Fixed a bug that caused it to go directly to the top or bottom when you scrolled through the chat window or friend list with the Pure Input Time setting turned on.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the invulnerability to kick in later than intended when using the Interdimensional Transition ability.


  • Fixed a bug where Sova’s Shock Arrow was not dealing damage to enemy traps and other game objects (except players).


  • Fixed a bug where Fade‘s Haunting ability would sometimes reveal enemies behind thin walls.


We covered the Valorant 5.01 Patch issue. We hope you will benefit. You can write the questions you want to ask in the comment section or you can reach us through our communication channels.