FPS in Valorant we have prepared an article on increasing. If a player trying to play Valorant has low FPS, he cannot play efficiently. Actually, Valorant is optimized for low-end computers. But not everyone has it. Gamers always want more FPS. So how to increase FPS Valorant?


Let’s Look at Valorant FPS Regulations

The first thing to do is to change the game settings. Riot Games made the game. But even they can have Valoran’s install limit FPS with wrong program settings. So how to fix this error?

Now open game settings in Valorant. Select the Video tab. Go to the General tab of the game settings. Set the display mode to Full Screen.

Set the Aspect Ratio method to fill. Then adjust your in-game settings to lower resolution. This is set to custom viewing mode. So it improves FPS in Valorant along with low resolution.

Then click on the in-game settings Graphics Quality tab. In-game settings such as Material Quality, Texture Quality, V Sync will appear. If you want the best FPS settings, see the recommendations below;

    • Material Quality – LOW
    • Texture Quality – LOW
    • Detail Quality – LOW
    • UI Quality -LOW
    • Vignette – OFF
    • V Sync – OFF
    • Anti-Aliasing – NONE
    • Anisotropic Filtering – 1x
    • Improve Clarity – OFF
    • Experimental Sharpening – OFF
    • Bloom – OFF
    • Distortion – OFF
    • Cast Shadows – OFF

These settings you will make will improve Valorant FPS. But it will do so at the expense of good visual quality. To reach Radiant, you have to push the limits of FPS. If you prefer this, there are other methods of improving FPS in Valorant.


PC Performance Settings

Incorrect settings of Windows reduce FPS in Valorant type games. This causes performance issues. You can change these performance settings as follows;

    • Right click on My Computer icon on your desktop
    • Select features
    • Click on advanced system settings.
    • Select Settings under Performance.
    • Click on adjust for best performance.
    • Click Apply and then OK.

These settings will degrade the graphics on your PC but will improve Valorant’s FPS.


Game Mode Settings

Some PCs will not change Valorant’s FPS performance even if you change the game mode settings. You must enable these settings. To do this, search for Game Mode settings in the Search Bar. Then click “Turn on Game Mode“.


PC Power Tweaks

Go to Control Panel. From there, open the first option and click View Above as the category.

Follow these steps;

    • Choose System and Security
    • Open Power Options
    • Show additional plans and click the arrow on the right
    • Open the High Performance Power Plan.

Enter Command Prompt in the search bar. Then right click and run as Administrator. From there, type the following command; “Powercft /s SCHEME_MIN

Press Enter. Then open the options mentioned in the previous steps. This will maximize the performance level of the PC. So it should have lower FPS in Valorant.


Is your Graphics Card NVIDIA?

So this tweak is for NVIDIA GPU users only. The goal here is to tweak NVIDIA Control Panel settings for maximum FPS. All you have to do is right-click on your desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel.

Click the Adjust image settings with preview tab. Check the Use advanced 3D display settings option. Click the Apply button. The operation is ok.

Click Take me there after the above process. From there select Program Settings. Select Valorant from the drop-down menu. You are now in the settings area.


Set NVIDIA Control Settings like this;

    • Material Quality – LOW
    • Texture Quality -LOW
    • Detail Quality – LOW
    • UI Quality -LOW
    • Vignette – OFF
    • V Sync – OFF
    • Anti-Aliasing – NONE
    • Anisotropic Filtering – 1x
    • Increase Sharpness – OFF
    • Experimental Sharpening – OFF
    • Flower – CLOSED
    • Distortion – OFF
    • Shadows – OFF

These NVIDIA settings should give maximum FPS in Valorant.


Last word

Articles that describe how to increase Valorant FPS are usually successful in this regard. If there is a problem, the possibility of some performance problems in the PC itself should be considered. The methods we describe are among the most common for Valorant and most other Riot Games products, including LoL. It’s that easy to increase FPS in Valorant.