What is Valorant rank or rank and rank system? How to raise your rank in Valorant The answers to these questions are in our article. You know this.

As in every FPS game played online, teamwork is essential in order to rise to the top in Valorant. In team play, strategies are of great importance as well as talent.

The players of the teams that bring the right setups together can easily gain rank by using their skills at the right times. In this article, you will learn how the rank system works.


What Are Valorant Ranks?

Valorant’s rank system has a total of eight levels, starting with Iron and ending with Radiant. All levels except Immortality and Radiant are divided into three levels in themselves. They are called one, two, three, respectively.

A total of 20 tiers, excluding those who did not enter any competitive match, are listed as follows:

  • Iron 1
  • Iron 2
  • Iron 3
  • Bronze 1
  • Bronze 2
  • Bronze 3
  • Silver 1
  • Silver 2
  • Silver 3
  • Gold 1
  • Gold 2
  • Gold 3
  • Platinum 1
  • Platinum 2
  • Platinum 3
  • Diamond 1
  • Diamond 2
  • Diamond 3
  • Immortal
  • Radiant


To reach Radiant, players must be among the top 500 players in their region. It is possible to follow 500 players from the Leaderboard both in-game and on the server.

A minimum of 50 total and at least one competitive match per week are required to be ranked where players participate with their Riot IDs and player cards.

How Does The VALORANT Rank System Work?

In Valorant’s tier system, points are earned for every win, and points are lost for every defeat. First of all, to enter this system, 10 matches must be played and thus the first ranking is taken.

The most important thing that determines your place in the ranking is of course your ability to play the game, but first let’s go into the details of the rank system.

  • Valorant ‘s rank system has a term called rank points (KP).
  • Depending on the result of the encounter, you will win or lose KP
  • Earn 10 to 50 KP for wins
  • Gain at least 5 KP at Diamond rank and above.
  • Lose 0 to 30 KP in defeats
  • You lose up to 50 KP at Diamond tiers and above.
  • In draws, you earn a maximum of 20 KP based on performance.
  • Individual performances only take effect between Iron and Diamond tiers.
  • These do not take effect at Immortality and Radiant tiers.
  • Between Iron and Diamond tiers, individual performance counts. That’s why stunning wins help rank up quickly.
  • You must be defeated when your rank is at 0 points.
  • When you rank up, you won’t drop below 80 KP in that rank, and if you win, you get a 10 KP promotion bonus.

Fast Tapping Techniques İn Valorant

Like every competitive game, Valorant has tier-skipping techniques. It depends on your talent and your performance. But considering the tactics listed below may make things a little easier for you.


Find Your Best Agent

As of now, there are 15 agents in Valorant. Each agent has different abilities. Instead of mastering all these, you can concentrate on a single agent, so you can play that agent very well and contribute to your team.

For example, everyone knows how cNed uses Jett’s abilities. First of all, identify the agent you can use your abilities in the best way and spend time to master it.

Play With The Best Agents

Although each agent in the game has important abilities, some agents stand out, naturally they are more preferred. Of course, with the patches released by Riot Games, balance improvements are made between agents.

After the latest updates, we can list the agents that can be preferred as Jett, Raze, Omen, Sova and Sage, but you will decide which one you want to specialize in.

Become A Team Player

Because Valorant is a competitive game, team play is crucial on the road to victory. If you want to win consecutive wins, you must always keep in touch and cooperate with your team.

One of the important conditions of being a team is to trust your teammates and establish a healthy communication with them. Don’t be sad when they fall behind and help them. If you see toxic players, report them.